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Channah H, 29
Radio Sales Executive

The workout works with my schedule as I have a baby. It doesn’t take a lot of my time, but I FEEL the results. More than just working out, Mark offers me an entire plan for eating and support. I also like that Mark knows what he is talking about and I can just easily follow the plan no-brainer! One thing to check off my list every morning as I work full time and have a baby! I love the feeling when I wake up and feel my muscles a little sore. Makes me know the the 30-minute workout worked! People at work and my husband have told me I look slimmer.
30 Minutes a Day
Fit for the Rest of Your Life!

DifyFitness is a strength and conditioning program designed by Mark Haner, personal trainer and coach. In just 30 minutes a day, you can stay fit and healthy. Mark provides you with the exercises, the instruction and the motivation. All you have to do is open the daily email and exercise, anytime you want, anywhere you want. Your core, arms, shoulders, legs and yes, your butt, are going to look better than they have in years.
DifyFitness Program
  • $19 a Month
  • Toning & Conditioning
  • 30 Minutes a Day
  • Different Every Day
  • Anytime You Want
  • Anywhere You Want

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Mark Haner, NCSF-CPT
National Council on Strength and Fitness
Certified Personal Trainer with over
1,000 hours of group training
with 11 years of coaching experience.